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Smooth, radiant skin is timeless! Hence our experience precision and expertise at The Salon at Oakville’s Waxing & Threading Services is known for its quality. Whether it’s a quick brow touch-up or a full-body session, we at this salon is always there for our customers aiming to discover a transformative experience in every stroke.


We understand the importance of flawless, smooth skin. That’s why we proudly offer a comprehensive range of waxing and threading services designed to leave you feeling confident, refreshed, and utterly radiant.

Our skilled estheticians are experts in the art of hair removal and are committed to delivering exceptional results with the utmost care and professionalism. Whether you’re looking to sculpt your eyebrows, achieve a perfectly smooth bikini line, or remove unwanted hair from various areas of your body, we have you covered.

Benefits And Features

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy smoother skin for weeks.


Lesser Ingrowth

With regular sessions, witness reduced hair ingrowth.

Enhanced Skin Texture

Exfoliate and brighten up your skin in the process.


Aftercare Insights  

Improve your session’s comfort and effectiveness. Our professionals offer post-service care advice from relaxing to moisturizing for better skin health.

Kinds Of Waxing Services Available

Warm Soft Wax

Soft waxing effectively removes hair, exfoliates skin, and promotes a rejuvenated appearance, making it an efficient hair removal option for busy schedules.

Hard Waxing

Hard waxing, also known as stripless waxing, is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin due to its hardening and adhesive properties, making it less painful and suitable for delicate areas like the bikini line.

Pre-Made Wax Strips

Pre-waxed strips are user-friendly, and mess-free. They come with cold soft wax attached and are ready to use without heating. They are easy to use and can be used multiple times per area, depending on hair removal needs.

Fruit Waxing

Fruit waxing is a way to remove hair using natural ingredients such, as vitamins and antioxidants which enhance the overall experience.

Chocolate Waxing

Indulge in the hydrating hair removal method of chocolate waxing, which incorporates natural cocoa properties for smooth skin along with a delightful aroma.

Sugar Waxing

For those with skin sugar waxing is a gentle and effective hair removal technique that not only exfoliates but also cleans easily. It’s a choice, for achieving silky results.


  • Eye brows

  • Upper Lip

  • Upper Chin

  • Side Burns

  • Full Face

  • Half Arm

  • Full Arm


Why Choose The Salon at Oakville?

When it comes to your look, choosing a hair salon is a challenging decision. Hence to make your decision easier, we have curated a list of features that surely sets us apart from the others in the competitive market.


With years in the industry, our team comprises hair color specialists who keep abreast with the latest trends and techniques.

Personalized Experience

We understand that every hair is unique. That's why our consultations ensure we pick the right shade and technique for you.

Premium Products

To ensure that your hair not only looks stunning but also feels at its best, we only use promising quality products.


We value our customers at their appearances; hence our hair color testaments not only provide color solutions but also nourish your hair and thus give it health.


Based on 172 reviews
dilpreet kaur
dilpreet kaur
Tammy is an exceptional stylist! She gave me gorgeous long layers and styled my hair perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommended!
Sadie Hatt
Sadie Hatt
Really great service!! Ladies are lovely and the colour service is beautiful!
Anubhuti Jain
Anubhuti Jain
Second visit and definitely not the last one. Joy is very talented and did a great job. The overall service is very good and pleasant staff.
Rachael Hetherington
Rachael Hetherington
First time here, best experience I have ever had. Amazing customer service, her work was perfect did exactly what I wanted and used good high end products. Mina was soo kind and caring. Definitely coming back here again 10/10
geetika tiwari
geetika tiwari
Joy did great job!! I am so happy with my hair color. She is patience and take time to consult. I will definitely recommend this place and Joy.
sherry hutley
sherry hutley
I got a root touch up and highlights from Tammy yesterday. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Tammy took the time to listen to my concerns and gave me exactly what I asked for..and more. I love my hair, the colour is vibrant and the highlights are perfect. The salon is beautiful, very modern. They use top of the line products and the pricing is more than fair. Would recommend this salon and definitely Tammy. What an amazing hairdresser 😀
Mahboob Khan
Mahboob Khan
Good hair cut with Tammy
Realtor S Munir
Realtor S Munir
Tammy did the excellent services for eyebrows, hairs and facial. She is very friendly. I definitely recommend her


Ideally, a quarter-inch long. This length ensures effective removal.

Yes, threading is often recommended for those with sensitive skin due to its gentle nature.

Waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying warm wax to the skin and then quickly removing it, along with the hair, to achieve smooth skin.

Waxing can be done on various areas, including the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and facial areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip.

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