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How to Strip Color from your Hair?

Coloring your hair can be a liberating way to express your individuality and style. But what happens when you’re ready for a change and wish to revert to your natural hair color or try a different shade? 

That’s when the process of stripping color from your hair comes into play. It may sound daunting, but you can safely and successfully undergo this process with the right information and precautions. 

This detailed guide will walk you through each step of How to Strip Color from your Hair, ensuring minimal damage and maximum satisfaction.

Understanding the Process of Hair Color Stripping

Hair color stripping, also known as color correction, is a process that chemically removes artificial color from your hair. It becomes essential when you desire to lighten your hair significantly or if you want to transition from a darker to a lighter shade. It’s a complex process involving various chemicals, so understanding how it works is the first step in ensuring your hair’s safety.

Decoding Hair Color Removers: What’s Right for You?

A wide range of hair color remover products are available in today’s market, making the choice a bit overwhelming. 

The fundamental factor in selecting the right product is understanding your needs and hair type. Always opt for a product that caters to your current hair color, whether permanent or semi-permanent

Reading reviews and consulting with a hair professional can also guide you in making an informed decision.

Steps to Safely Strip Hair Color at Home

While we highly recommend seeking professional help for color stripping, if you’re set on doing it at home, here are some detailed steps to follow:

Perform a Strand Test: 

This is crucial in understanding how your hair will react to the color remover. Apply the product to a small, hidden strand of hair and observe how it takes to remove the color and how your hair responds to the treatment.

Apply the Color Remover: 

If your strand test doesn’t reveal any adverse reactions, you can apply the color remover to your hair. Ensure you are following the instructions on the package meticulously.

Rinse and Deep Condition: 

Once the waiting period is over, rinse the product out of your hair thoroughly. It’s essential to follow this with a deep conditioning treatment to replenish the moisture in your hair.

Professional Assistance: A Game-changer in Hair Color Stripping

While you can strip color from your hair at home, enlisting the help of a professional can significantly improve the outcome. At The Salon at Oakville, our trained professionals understand the nuances and science behind hair color stripping. We use high-quality products and techniques to ensure minimal damage to your hair while helping you transition to your new look smoothly.

The Aftercare: Maintaining Hair Health Post-Color Stripping

Stripping color can be harsh on your hair, requiring extra care and attention. Post-color stripping, you must condition your hair regularly to maintain moisture levels. Heat styling should be avoided for a few weeks, and incorporating hair repair treatments can significantly aid in maintaining the health and vibrancy of your hair.


Stripping color from your hair may initially seem daunting, but with the right knowledge, preparation, and guidance, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. While this guide offers a detailed walkthrough, remember that each individual’s hair is unique. Therefore, reactions to the color-stripping process can vary.

Whether you’re returning to your natural hair color or gearing up for a new color adventure, it’s essential to approach the process with patience and care. Remember that maintaining your hair’s health and integrity is as important as achieving the desired color outcome.

Enlisting the help of a professional can make a significant difference in your color-stripping journey. Hair care professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the process, minimizing potential damage, and optimizing results.

Finally, aftercare is paramount. Proper hydration and care post-color stripping can help restore your hair’s vitality and shine. With careful planning and attentive care, you can transition smoothly and confidently, achieving a new look that celebrates your individuality.


What does it mean to strip color from your hair?

Stripping color from your hair refers to chemically removing artificial hair color. It’s typically done when you want to change from a darker to lighter hair color.

Can I strip color from my hair at home?

While it is possible to strip color from your hair at home, it’s a process that involves strong chemicals and can potentially damage your hair if not done correctly. We always recommend consulting with a professional.

What should I do after stripping color from my hair?

After stripping color from your hair, it’s crucial to deep condition your hair to restore moisture. Avoid heat styling for a few weeks, and consider using hair repair treatments to maintain hair health.

How long should I wait before coloring my hair again after stripping it?

It’s generally recommended to wait at least a few weeks before coloring your hair again after stripping it. This gives your hair time to recover and rehydrate, minimizing the risk of damage.

What type of conditioner should I use after stripping color from my hair?

After stripping color from your hair, you should use a deep conditioner or hair mask designed to restore moisture and repair damage. Look for products that contain natural nourishing ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, or coconut oil.

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