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How To Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent hair color, a popular choice for those seeking to experiment with their look, provides the thrill of a new hue without a long-term commitment. 

The freedom to change color according to the mood or season is empowering, yet there are times when we yearn to revert to our original shade or try a new one sooner than anticipated. 

So, the question arises – how do we expediently and safely remove semi-permanent hair color? This guide brings you the answer.

The Fundamentals of Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Before we plunge into the removal process, let’s briefly revisit the nature of semi-permanent hair color. This type of color doesn’t penetrate deeply into your hair shafts. Instead, it just coats the surface, which in turn simplifies the color-stripping process. But how is it done effectively? Let’s dive in.

Safe and Quick Methods to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Method 1: Clarifying Shampoo

Employ the strength of clarifying shampoo. It goes beyond regular cleaning. It actively removes product and color build-up. Wash your hair more frequently using this shampoo. Keep a keen eye on the changing shade. Gradually, the semi-permanent color will start to fade away.

Method 2: Vitamin C Treatment

Harness the power of Vitamin C. It’s an effective agent for breaking down the color. Crush a few tablets and mix them with anti-dandruff shampoo. The amount depends on your hair length. Apply the mixture evenly on your hair. Let it sit for an hour, covered with a shower cap. Rinse thoroughly. You will notice the color beginning to wash out.

Method 3: Baking Soda

Utilize the color-stripping ability of baking soda. This common household item can aid in removing semi-permanent hair color. Combine equal parts of baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo. Lather the mixture into your hair. Let it rest for around 20-30 minutes, then rinse. Your hair color should start to fade.

Method 4: Dish Soap

Tap into the strong cleaning properties of dish soap. Its strength can help strip the color from your hair. Use a small amount mixed with your regular shampoo. Make sure not to overuse it, as it can cause dryness. Always follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Color Removal

  • While removing color, be gentle. 
  • Don’t rush. Overwashing can dry your hair.
  • Always follow up with a deep conditioner.

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The freedom offered by semi-permanent hair color is empowering. Yet, the need for change may surface before the color naturally fades away. Fortunately, removing semi-permanent hair color at home is an achievable task. 

You can gently and effectively strip away the color by using items like clarifying shampoo, Vitamin C, baking soda, or dish soap. 

Patience and care are key in ensuring your hair remains healthy and ready for the next color adventure. Always follow up with a nourishing conditioner to moisturize your hair. 

Whether you’re returning to your natural shade or preparing for a new color transformation, these methods allow you to explore the colorful world of hair fashion fearlessly and responsibly.


1. How Long Does It Take to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

The timeline for color removal depends on multiple factors. It hinges upon the intensity of the color, the frequency of washes, and your unique hair type. For some, color may gradually fade after three to four washes. Others may require more washes for the color to completely rinse out. Therefore, it requires a bit of patience and persistence.

2. Will My Hair Return to Its Original Color?

Once you’ve removed the semi-permanent hair color, your hair should return to its original color. This is because semi-permanent dye merely coats the outer shaft of the hair. It doesn’t alter the natural pigment of your hair. As the dye is washed away, your natural hair color will emerge.

3. Can I Recolor My Hair Immediately After Removal?

While you might be eager to try a new color, giving your hair a break is essential. Over-processing can lead to dryness and damage. Therefore, after removing the semi-permanent hair color, wait a few days to a week before recoloring. This allows your hair to recover and regain its natural oils.

4. Is It Possible to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Color Without Damaging Hair?

Yes, it’s possible. Semi-permanent hair color sits on the hair’s surface, making it easier to wash out without causing damage. Methods mentioned earlier, such as using a clarifying shampoo, vitamin C treatment, baking soda, or dish soap, are gentle on the hair. Always follow any treatment with a deep conditioner to maintain hair health.

5. Can I Use Semi-Permanent Hair Color Removal Methods on Permanent Hair Color?

While these methods might lighten permanent color slightly, they’re less effective on permanent dye than on semi-permanent hair color. Permanent hair dye penetrates the hair shaft and alters the hair’s natural pigment. Therefore, professional assistance is usually required for complete removal. It’s always best to consult a hair professional before removing permanent hair color at home.

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