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What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Choosing a hair color can be exciting and daunting. The options are endless. From striking reds to subtle browns, from balayage to ombre, the hair color trends are endless.

But how do you choose the perfect one?

This guide will lead you through the process. It takes into account your skin tone, eye color, and personal style. Let’s embark on this color-filled journey.

What Color Should I Dye My Hair

Understanding Your Skin Tone

The first step is understanding your skin tone. It’s crucial. Hair color should complement your skin tone. There are three main skin tones – cool, warm, and neutral.

1. Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin has pink, red, or bluish undertones. Silver jewelry flatters you more than gold. Your veins appear blue or purple. Ashy, platinum, or icy hair colors work well for you.

2. Warm Skin Tone

Warm skin tones have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones. Gold jewelry looks fantastic on you. Your veins appear green. Honey blonde, golden brown, or auburn hair colors complement you.

3. Neutral Skin Tone

If you have a mix of both warm and cool undertones, you have a neutral skin tone. Most hair colors will look good on you.

Matching Hair Color with Eye Color

Many people seek harmony between their hair and eye colors. Celebrities provide excellent examples of these combinations:

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes:

Taylor Swift, with her platinum blonde hair and blue-grey eyes, provides a perfect example of this combination. This duo is rare and often considered the most attractive.

Brown Hair and Light Hazel Eyes:

Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, has brown hair and light hazel eyes. This combination is dazzling and versatile, as hazel eyes can change colors.

Red Hair and Dark Blue Eyes:

Singer Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine sports red hair and dark blue eyes. This pairing is considered rare and beautiful, creating an appealing contrast​.

Brown Hair and Green Eyes:

Actress Mila Kunis is known for her brown hair and green eyes. This combination is often associated with beauty, sophistication, and youth​.

Blonde Hair and Dark Brown Eyes:

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is a prime example of this combination. The contrast between her light blonde hair and dark brown eyes is genuinely stunning.

Black Hair and Purple Eyes:

While rare in nature, this combo is common in animated characters. It gives a dark, mysterious, and beautiful image​.

Red Hair and Green Eyes:

Actress Amy Adams is a great example of this rare and unique combination. It is attractive because of its rarity and vibrant contrast​.

Brown Hair and Blue Eyes:

Actress Zooey Deschanel is well known for her blue eyes and brown hair. Many find this combination very appealing​.

Black Hair and Green Eyes:

Actor Ian Somerhalder is a perfect example of this combination. His black hair and green eyes give him a mysterious and attractive vibe​.

Red Hair and Blue Eyes:

Actress Lily Cole sports this combination. It is considered the rarest and one of the most beautiful combos​.

Blonde Hair and Green Eyes:

Singer Adele is known for her blonde hair and green eyes. This combo is unique and often associated with Irish heritage​.

These examples can help you choose the hair color that best matches your eye color. Remember, the right choice depends on your preference and what suits you best.

Considering Your Style

Your hair color should reflect your personality. Love standing out? Bold, vibrant colors could be your match. Prefer a subtle look? Stick to natural hues.

Trying a Temporary Hair Color

Unsure about a permanent change? Try a temporary hair color. It lasts for a few washes. It gives you a glimpse of how you’d look with a different hair color.

Consulting a Professional

If you’re still unsure, consult a professional. They can provide personalized advice. They take into account your hair type, skin tone, and lifestyle.

The Salon at Oakville: Expert Guidance for Your Perfect Hair Color

Puzzling over what color to dye your hair? The Salon at Oakville is here to assist. Our skilled colorists are adept at assessing your skin tone, personal style, and hair health to recommend the perfect hair color for you. We provide top-notch dyeing services that not only give you a fresh, new look but also enhance your natural beauty. Trust our expertise for a hair color transformation that truly reflects your uniqueness.


Choosing the perfect hair color is an exciting journey that allows you to express your unique style and enhance your natural features. You can find a hair color that truly suits you by considering factors such as your skin tone, eye color, and personal style.

Whether you opt for a striking contrast or a harmonious blend, the examples set by celebrities demonstrate the stunning combinations that can be achieved. From the rare and captivating combination of red hair and blue eyes to the classic beauty of brown hair and green eyes, each pairing has its allure.

Remember, this guide is a starting point to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, the best hair color is the one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and true to yourself.

So, embark on this exciting journey of choosing the perfect hair color. Let your hair become your canvas, and allow your chosen hue to reflect your individuality and inner beauty.


1. Can I dye my hair at home?

Yes, home hair dye kits are available. They’re convenient and affordable. Ensure you follow the instructions thoroughly. Don’t forget to do a patch test to avoid any allergic reactions.

2. How often should I color my hair?

It depends on the type of hair color and your hair growth. Typically, root touch-ups are needed every 4-6 weeks.

3. Can hair dye damage my hair?

Yes, hair dye can cause damage if not used properly. Always follow the instructions. Use a deep conditioning treatment post-coloring.

4. How can I maintain my hair color?

Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners. Avoid excessive heat styling. Protect your hair from the sun.

5. What if I don’t like the hair color?

If you’re unhappy with your hair color, consult a professional. They can guide you on the best course of action.

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