how to stop hair fall after hair color

How to stop hair fall after hair Color?

Hair coloring is a popular way to enhance your appearance and embrace new styles. However, one common concern that arises after coloring your hair is hair fall. The chemicals and processes involved in hair coloring can sometimes lead to weakened hair and increased hair fall. In this article, we’ll explore expert tips and tricks on how to stop hair fall after hair color. Whether you’re a seasoned hair color enthusiast or trying it for the first time, these methods will help you maintain healthy and luscious locks.

Why do hair colors damage your hair?

A fun change might be changing your hair color. It transforms your appearance completely. However, hair coloring has a unique set of negative effects, such as hair damage.

No matter how natural hair color companies claim their products are, they still contain dangerous chemicals that can cause severe hair damage.  These dangerous chemicals damage your hair badly and create hair loss. Semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes frequently contain substances like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which, in excess, might harm your body. Therefore, it’s crucial to treat your hair with more care after coloring it.

Tips to prevent hair loss after dying it

Here are some tips and tricks that you must follow to save yourself from hair loss:

  • Maintain healthy hair by eating a diet rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. To promote healthy hair, try to include foods like salmon, yogurt, guava, eggs, chicken, spinach, etc. in your diet.
  • You need to completely cease dyeing your hair if you are certain that it is a “bad influence.” Accept the color you are now wearing and allow it to shine for a time.
  • Always buy the proper developer and high-quality hair dye: When you dye your hair again, choose an ammonia-free dye. Products with an ammonia basis decrease the nutrients and lipids in your hair.
  • Always wash your hair with cold water and avoid using hot water it will help you in saving your hair loss. Cold water doesn’t damage your hair and also reduces hair fall from dying.
  • wholesome nourishment 
  • Both our hair and we all require nutrition to grow and thrive. Give the scalp everything it wants, including deep conditioning and oiling, to up your nutrition game. You can create your own hair masks with organic components or use hair growth oils. Use them three or more times a week. 
  • A balanced diet with extra protein can help improve the health of your hair. No matter if you wish to take preventive action or your hair is already damaged, nourishing is always necessary.
  • make sure to purchase high-quality hair dye and the right developer.
  • It’s crucial to color your hair with high-quality hair dye and color to prevent further hair damage. Get the appropriate developer if you’re applying bleach. If your hair is a light shade of brown, you will need a light developer, etc.
  • When applying hair color, check the label to see whether it contains any ammonia or if using one with less ammonia might lessen the harm. Due to the severe drying effects of high ammonia concentration on colored hair, it results in moisture loss. Lack of moisture causes your hair to lose its flexibility and become more brittle. 


When a person dyes their hair frequently, hair loss due to coloring is not unusual. However, it depends on the type of hair coloring applied. It’s not a problem if color tones slightly alter. However, excessively frequent use of permanent hair dyes can result in hair loss.  By coloring your hair using high-quality ammonia and PPD (P-Phenylendiamin) free hair dyes, you can most effectively eliminate hair loss brought on by hair coloring or at least slow it down. Additionally, you should only dye your hair four times a year at most.

Going to a hairstylist to have highlights done in foil is another excellent approach.


Is hair shedding after dyeing typical?

In actuality, the likelihood of hair loss increases with the frequency of hair coloring. Hair dye can lead to hair loss by harming the color-treated hair, but it does not stop or even slow down hair growth. Some of the harm may be caused by the dye’s chemicals.

Can dye damage to the hair be repaired?

Hair dyes may weaken and harm hair, giving it an unattractive appearance. However, remedies like conditioners and shampoos made especially for hair dyeing may be able to heal hair damage.

What symptoms indicate damaged hair?

Hair that is brittle or dry. The cuticle layer may have been damaged if your hair feels dry all the time.

You notice more shedding, your hair feels thick at the root and thin at the ends, it is more tangled than usual, and it looks dull.

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